Get Results

You’ll get results with us because you engaged an unmatched successful dog-behaviorist, Karen Arnoff . (See About Us)

Karen helps you succeed by using each element of her original five step diagnostic model.  (See the Arnoff Model.)

  1. We thoroughly Diagnose the Problem.  This is a major reason why you’ll succeed with us.  Is the problem caused by lack of leadership? improper learning? abnormal genetics? improper stimulations?  unintentional training?  physical problems? phobias, fears?  Two or more of these factors?
  2. We develop a Comprehensive Treatment Plan:  Based on the diagnosed causes of the problem, Karen develops a plan that is specifically designed to correct your dog’s specific behavior problem(s).
  3. We Use Methods That Are Appropriate Both for the Dog:  We Use Methods That Are Appropriate Both for the Dog and You, the Dog Owner(s).  Karen uses many methods and decides, with you, which are appropriate methods for you and your dog. For over 35 years Karen has skillfully used positive training methods that many trainers are only recently beginning to discover.
  4. We Stay in Contact with You After the Consult.   Karen stays in telephone contact with you after her first visit to learn how you are progressing, to make suggestions, to tweak the process and move you along to the next phase to make sure that the behavior problem is being corrected.
  5. We Make Follow-Up Visits, if Needed .  A number of our clients are able to resolve their dog’s behavioral issues in one visit.  However, the norm is usually two or three visits which can be made according to your schedule and what you can afford.

Karen’s knowledge, experience, use of her five-step model (See The Arnoff Model) and 30 years of client successes is why you’ll succeed with Cleveland Dog Training Classes, the original Dog-Owner Connection! *

There’s no place like home…to get results

The best place for dog obedience training is in your home and from a Dog Behavior Specialist. This is where your dog is expected to become ‘the dog you’ll love to live with.’   Other pets, strange noises, commonly used rooms, rooms used less often: theCleveland Dog Obedience Trainingse are some of the distractions and variables your dog has to deal with and must be accounted for in obedience training.  There is no place like home when teaching your dog obedience.

The goal of dog obedience training is to create an ‘invisible leash’ that connects you and other family members with your dog. With that invisible leash your dog will be tied to you even when off leash.

Get results with a dog behavior specialist

Sometimes, very responsible dog owners find that their dog, even with good dog training, still has behavior problems some that seem impossible to correct.  What can they do? When people have a health problem, they go to a medical specialist who inquires about your symptoms, general health, medications, medical history and behavioral history.  Dog behavior specialist, Karen Arnoff, the founder of Cleveland Dog Training Classes gathers similar information to diagnose the cause(s) of the behavior problems and then creates a plan to solve them.

Clients are often referred to Karen Arnoff by veterinarians and former clients. Others seek her out because of her excellent reputation and her more that 30 years as an unusually effective dog behavior specialist. She iw well known as an expert at solving the full range of dog behavior problems, especially those that are very complex or deal with dog aggression. Get results with Karen Arnoff of Cleveland Dog Training Classes for the most thorough dog training and preventing and/or correcting dog behavior problems.

Karen’s knowledge, experience, use of her five-step model (See The Arnoff Model) and 30 years of client successes is why you’ll succeed with Cleveland Dog Training Classes (formerly the Dog-Owner Connection).