Cleveland dog training classesNow known as

Cleveland Dog Training Classes

Cleveland Dog Training Classes conducts ‘classes’ in your home.  A class consists of you and other family or friends who very frequently interact with your dog(s).

Karen Arnoff, dog behavior specialist and founder of Cleveland Dog Training Classes (formerly The Dog Owner Connection) helps you prevent and/or correct dog behavior problems such as:

  • Aggression and biting
  • Dog legal issues
  • Dog-Dog Aggression
  • Destruction
  • Hyperactivity and hyper-reactivity
  • Fears
  • House soiling
  • Puppy problems
  • Unruliness (jumping, mouthing, stealing, excessive barking…)
  • Preparing a dog for a baby
  • Preparing for another dog
  • Children and your dog
  • Grooming and/or Vet-Visit Behavior
  • Geriatric problems

Karen Arnoff deals with all kinds of dog training and behavior problems.

Most often, however, she is called upon to solve problems of dog aggression toward humans or other dogs. 


In legal matter involving dogs, she is a consultant for attorneys and their clients and is an expert witness before the court.


Preventing Dog Behavior Problems

Karen has worked with many people who really want to be sure that they prevent dog behavior problems and end up with “the dog you’ll love to live with.” So, she has helped them:

  • Identify breeds of dogs that they would like and that would also fit in with their lifestyle
  • identify reputable dog breeders
  • select their individual dog from a litter based upon Karen’s testing of inherent genetic traits
  • begin training their dog from puppy-hood to adulthood

People who adopt a puppy or a dog usually want to find high quality dog training classes at times that are convenient for them. Dog behavior specialist, Karen Arnoff, offers superior private dog training classes in your home, at times convenient for you, in the environment in which your dog is going to live The ‘class’ will consist of your family members and others who frequently interact with your dog.  That is the mode of delivery provided by Dog Training Classes Cleveland..


Correcting Dog Behavior Problems

Karen Arnoff‘s Cleveland Dog Training Classes focuses on correcting the causes of a problem, not merely correcting the dog.  Our Dog Behavior Training Classes gets you the kind of dog obedience you want and a loveable dog for you and your family.

Have you chosen to rescue a dog?  Have you and your dog ‘failed’ a dog training class?” Have you tried one or more dog trainers, without success, to rid your dog of one or more behavior problems?  Have you been told that your dog is aggressive and cannot be trained and must be put down?

Since 1957, Karen has worked with all of these situations and, in well above 90% of the cases,has been extremely successful in correcting the problem.  Karen’s one-on-one in-home dog training classes  helps dog owners learn the skills needed to resolve their specific dog training problems and learn more about the how and why of dog behavior.

Karen begins by learning the history of the dog and the environment in which the dog lives.   Because dogs can’t speak English but speak through their body language and vocalizations, Karen observes the dog in its natural environment, analyzes the dog’s genetic predisposition and the owner’s learning style.  And then develops a plan for dog training to correct one or more of a dog’s specific behavior problems.


Let Us Help!

Contact dog behavior specialist, Karen Arnoff at Cleveland Dog Training Classes for a short telephone conversation to find out if you and she will be a good match to help you prevent or correct dog behavior problems.  To schedule an appointment and to learn more about Cleveland Dog Training Classes and dog obedience training, please contact Karen at 440.349.5022.

Karen’s knowledge, experience, use of her five-step model (See The Arnoff Model) and 30 years of client successes is why you’ll succeed with Cleveland Dog Training Classes (formerly the Dog-Owner Connection).